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Margot was a stern mother-in-law. She had been against her daughter Sara's marriage to Paul right from the start. She thought he was "soft" and not a strong enough man for her daughter. This led to many fights between the mother and daughter, which usually ended with Sara running from the room in tears, crying as she went upstairs and bawled in her room. But Margot was determined to show Sara that she had made the wrong choice, and finally one day, after an especially nasty row, she decided to drive right over to their house and SHOW her daughter what a wimp her husband was. She was going to sexually humiliate and dominate him right then and there.

Paul opened the door and greeted his mother-in-law, but soon found himself taken by the ear and thrown to his knees before his shocked wife! "Mother! What are you doing?!" Sara shouted. Margot only sneered as she pulled Paul's own black leather belt from his trouser loops "I'm going to show you what a pathetic little sissy boy you married!"

Paul was speechless and burning with shame as he felt his mother-in-law hook her thumbs into his trouser hem and with a yank - bare his pale bottom right in front of his wife!

"No, Margot! Please...please not this!" He wimpered. "Shut up, sissy! I'm going to thrash your bare ass so my daughter can see you're no man!" Margot bellowed. She raised the belt in her hand and began to flog Paul's bare bottom without mercy!

"Please! Stop" he sobbed and through his tears he could see his wife's shocked expression at his humiliation at the hands of his dominant bitch of a mother-in-law.

"See?" Said Margot "I told you he was a wimp. He's crying like a little spanked mama's boy! And this is the man you say is going to give me the strong grandchildren I want?!!"

Sara was speechless. She could only stare at the shameful sight of her husband kneeling against the wall wimpering and pleading as her mother brought the belt down time and time again upon his naked bottom....
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